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Clothes Washing services

Our Cloth Washing service treats your clothes with the utmost care. Your clothes are picked up and dropped off in protective bags. We sort your clothes, wash them with Tide detergent and Comfort fabric softener in our front loading washers, then dry them on low temperature with Bounce dryer sheets. Your clothes are then folded and sealed in shrink wrap bags. You won't find any service that comes close in UAE. This service is ideal for anyone who wants their clothes to look, feel, and smell their best. See notes about laundry at the bottom.

Clothes Washing

Clothes Washing

  • Sorting
  • Washing inc. fabric softener
  • Drying inc. dryer sheets
  • Folding

Dry Cleaning

  • Pretreatment
  • Ironing
  • Protective packaging

When your garments reach our dry cleaning facility, they are properly inspected and given pretreatment such as stain removal, if necessary. Your clothes are then dry cleaned at their optimal setting, according to fabric type. Any minor repairs will be made to your garments free of charge. Lastly, all dry cleaning items will be ironed and packaged for delivery. All drop-offs are made in a protective cover, in addition to the standard plastic sheet cover.

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