• What can't the cleaner do?

    We believe in high quality services that we provide. We make sure you get a shining clean house/office from the services we provide to you. We do everything about cleaning except below services until further notice.

    • Patio cleaning

    • Cooking

    • Mold removal

    • Industrial cleaning

    • The lifting of heavy furniture

  • Can I trust Maids On 7Days Maids?

    Definitely! Our Maids go through a thorough screening and interview process. The process includes an in-person interview, reference check, and standard training to provide you with the best service. We do all this so you can always trust our cleaners for reliable, satisfactory service.

  • Who are the 7Days Maids?

    Our Maids are very carefully screened and interviewed in-person by our founders. We are not an agency, we are the service providers and find maids and create extra opportunities for people looking for jobs. Our maids are all self-employed individuals with years of experience in cleaning and we make sure they are all trust-worthy and knowledgeable about what they are doing.

  • How do I rate the 7Days Maids and can I have the same Maid for the cleaning next time?

    That is the spirit! 24 hours after the clean is finished, we send you an email where you can share your feedback about our cleaning service and maid. You can rate the Maid and let us know about your general experience. If you are bonded with the maid that cleaned your house, then we make sure she is fully dedicated to coming to your place for the next cleans! This is not only to arrange the same Maid for you, but also to allow us to maintain the quality level we have.

  • Whom can I contact if I am not satisfied with the performance?

    We work to create cleaner homes and happier environment. So, your satisfaction and happiness really matter to us. If you have any problems with the cleaning service or maid, please let us know via info@7daysmaids.com or +971557633732 so we can take the necessary actions and make sure your next clean will be in the way you want.

  • Do Maids bring their own cleaning materials if I do not have?


  • What materials do I need to provide?

    Vacuum cleaner
    Multi-purpose Cleaning Spray
    General Purpose Polish
    Floor Cleaner
    Limescale Remover
    Micro Fibre Cloths
    Furniture Polish

  • Should I stay at home during the cleaning?

    No. However, we recommend that you be present at home for the first time you book with us. So, you can meet the cleaner, show them your apartment and explain them what you expect them to do. Above 85% of our users trust our Maids and handover their house to our maids for the following cleans. All this is valid for weekly or bi-weekly bookings. If you booked a one-off cleaning service then you will be expected to be present at home to give them access to the property.

  • Do you have any monthly rate package if I pay in advance or can I get any discount?

    Our rate is fixed rate but we can guarantee a quality service and the same maid to come every visit.

  • What service you provide aside from cleaning?

    We also do ironing, laundry, baby sitting and PetCare.

  • What are your timings?

    We work six days a week, Fridays are off. We have 2 slots available 9am to 1pm, and 2pm to 6pm.

  • Will I have the same maid every visit?

    If you set up your regular weekly schedule with us, we can arrange to send the same maid every visit.

  • Can you do the cleaning even if I'm not in the apartment, cause I'm working?

    Yes we do. Please let us know where to get and return your key after the service. You may also leave instructions inside your apartment or email it to us.