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Floor Cleaning services

Floor Cleaning is not only looks great for your home and industrial properties, it is also durable and resists against bacteria breeding. However, when Marble Flooring is not polished and cleaned professionally, what is supposed to look elegant and beautiful can turn deadly and unattractive over time. When walking over unpolished and unmaintained Marble Flooring, the surface is bumpy. Marble Flooring is also vulnerable to cuts and scratches.
Revive your floors to their original beauty with our Floor Cleaning Service. Deep cleaning with greater heat, pressure, and extraction removes more dry particulate soil than any other method. Our Cintas state-of-the-art trucks act as mobile plants for commercial floor cleaning.
7daysmaids Cleaning Services is able to provide your precious Marble Floor with maintenance & cleaning, polishing and waxing services to ensure that your Floor always remains new, clean, smooth and shiny just like the way it was when your contractor first completed the flooring works.
Our Floor cleaning service is not only about cleaning because part of the polishing procedure involves the identification of deep cuts and scratches. Once we have identified these we will enforce more polishing to those areas to remove the cuts and scratches.

What can Marble Flooring Polishing do?

Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning
  • Remove cracks and scratches on marble flooring
  • Produce shine on marble flooring
  • Produce a smooth surface feel on marble flooring
  • Removes stubborn layer of dirt and dust that covers the surface of marble flooring
  • Improve cleanliness and delay replacement costs by revitalizing floor surfaces

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