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Windows cleaning services

In this modern world where there is lots of pollution and the windows in your homes and business are impacted by both internal and external pollutants.
We know cleaning windows is a big and exhausting job and most of you do not have the time and/or energies to cleaning windows after long hours at office and during what little free time you get on weekends.
We pledge to provide the highest value in window cleaning service. We will deliver superior service to every customer, every time, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our commitment to this pledge is your guarantee of quality performance.
We know the level of service we provide enhances the quality image of our customers. Clean windows can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home, and it can be an essential element in the appearance of your business. Whether at work or at home, you can rest assured that your windows will be cleaned by a licensed, insured and bonded professional window cleaner.

Windows cleaning

Windows cleaning

Windows Cleaning
  • Wipe down doors
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean Ceiling fans
  • Hand wipe baseboards
  • Clean outside and top of refrigerator
  • Wipe all door frames
  • Hand dust all horizontal surfaces
  • Vacuum all living room furniture
  • Clean inside toilet, and outer surface
  • Hand wipe light switches
  • Remove hard water spots shower door

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